Amped Replay

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Amped Replay is an enhanced video player that allows the modern investigator to gain more independence when dealing with their video evidence. Its sleek and easy-to-use interface means no advanced skills are required to achieve a professional result in the presentation of video evidence.

It includes Amped Software’s powerful CCTV video conversion engine to play and view video without the need for other non-compatible, legacy, or proprietary player software, while also providing basic image clarification and enhancement to ensure evidence is presented in the best way possible.

Amped Replay empowers investigators, detectives, frontline officers, and first responders to conduct a first level analysis of their video evidence, bridging the gap between a player and a forensic analysis suite. No more relying on office hours and the availability of experts in the forensic video lab who may be tied up with more complex processing tasks.

Amped Replay allows for the exporting of video and images in playable formats as well as providing the ability to generate a report ideal for case building and disclosure. Your digital evidence maintains its continuity from beginning to end.

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