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Forensic hardware

Digital forensic investigators require the best equipment and the most advanced technologies. We have everything from Faraday bags to triage kits, workstations and laptops. We're also the UK's only supplier of Guidance Tableau products (including writeblockers and duplicators such as the new, powerful TD2u).

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Forensic software

Our software range helps investigators unlock the secrets held on computers, laptops, hard drives, CDs and DVDs, smart phones and many other digital devices. They are smart, efficient, cutting edge technologies that can save time and money by providing court-reliable evidence in an easy to manage way.

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We work with the best in the business. This includes Guidance (Tableau), Oxygen, Vound (Intella), Fujitsu, AccessData, Magnet, Faraday, DiskLabs (and many more). The technology developed by our partners help investigators - from the police and government agencies to large corporate organisations - uncover vital evidence and prove compliance everyday.

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BUY the latest, most sophisticated forensic investigation technologies NOW at the Avatu Forensic Store

We're the UK's leading supplier of specialist tools for forensic computer and other digital investigations. We have more than 20 years' experience in finding and providing the right equipment - and now it's online too.

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To discuss your project requirements contact us or call 01296 621121

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